Latex Hevea Disney Baby mattress 60x120cm

£ 79.00

Product Description

HEVEA DISNEY BABY LATEX MATTRESS 47.2/23.6 in (120/60 cm)


About the product

  • Perforated latex foam, no zones, double-sided
    §Proper support for the spine adjusted to the child’s weight
    §Mattress weight of 11 lbs (5 kg), thickness: ab. 3.5 in (9 cm) including the protector
    §Winnie The Pooh print on the protector
    § 100% cotton interlock fabric
    §Removable protector, zippered on 3 sides
    §Washable at up to 60°C
    §100% hypoallergenic mattress
    §The protector fabric has been approved by the producer as SAFE FOR CHILDREN
    §Product of Poland.


2.8 in (7cm)-thick latex foam core. Quilted 100% cotton protector. Cot mattress designed for infants. Double-sided.