About Us

We are Hevea Mattresses Factory , but our friends and clients call us Hevea. Our brand has become a synonym for the high quality of Polish products across almost entire Europe, from London to Vilnius. That is the best recommendation and, at the same time, an award for long years of work.


Our Brand
We make the best mattresses possible since 2006. Basing on the experiences and opinions of our clients – including those discontent. We manufacture our mattresses here in Poland. When purchasing our products you can be sure that you have made the right choice, aware of the benefits our products bring to you and your loved ones, as well as the sense of supporting the local market! These three elements combine a notion called by some careful shopping.


Our mattresses are hand-made with use of traditional methods. This means that before being delivered to your home each HEVEA product is investigated at several stages of the production process. It also means that each product has its soul and is individual in its own top-quality way.


The high quality of our products is a sum of subsequent actions and semi-finished products. Our fabrics and materials are just like you like them – delicate, soft and air-permeable, and at the same time durable and aesthetic. Mattress foams have high density and firmness and the latex foam consists of a high amount of natural resin from Hevea brasiliensis… You have come to reveal the secret of our brand name.


We produce mattresses for the entire family. That is important for you, your time and your wallet. You can buy at one place mattresses for your children (even if they are of different ages), for yourself, your parents or grandparents. You can adjust our products to any bedroom and for any user. Additionally, we guarantee that you receive a smile, long-term guarantee and a full package of our experience to use as you wish… And, what is most important – a sound sleep for many years to come!