Eco Product

Hevea sap

Rubber tree background


It is a natural product obtained on the basis of natural milk from natural rubber tree. It has anti-allergic, hygienic properties, permeates air, maintaining heat, and thanks to its delicate structure does not cause bedsores and shortness of breath. Also it is an ecological, living, healthy and anti-bacterial material. Pure latex is resistant to dust, fungi and mould, therefore it especially recommended for allergy and asthma sufferers. Latex is also applied in the rehabilitation of people with various orthopaedic and neurological complaints. Latex applied in our mattresses and pillows has a minimum of 20% of natural raw material.


Coconut (coir)

It is a fully organic product. It forms during the treatment of coconut shells. Its made up of approximately 30% of shorter fibres and 70% of coconut dust. longer fibres are used for the manufacture of mats, ropes, carpets and mattresses. Resilience, breathability and durability make it an ideal raw material complementing the mattress inset. The use of fibre ensures proper air circulation inside the mattress.

cocos fibercoconut spathe

Cotton (fibre)

Cotton – a soft fibre surrounding the seeds of a plant termed with the same name, having many applications. Its especially serves to produce yarn from which healthy and soft fabrics are formed – the most popular in the textile industry. The distinctive structure of cotton fibre gives it natural toughness, durability and special absorption capacities.

Field of cotton ready to harvest cotton field


It is a term for cellulose fibre produced from trees formed on the basis of viscose. It is marked by high resistance to damage and a velvety shine. A fabric with modal absorbs by 50% more moisture than cotton. It is very friendly for skin, because it keeps it dry and enables it to breathe. Moverover, its fibres have a smooth, delicate structure which prevents damaging the surface of modal during washing, thanks to which it always preserves its softness and resilience. Modal is used notably for the production of underwear, sports clothing, bedclothes.

Aloe Vera (extract)

It contains approx 160 active plant compounds. The use of gel as finishing appret in mattress knitted materials has miscellaneous applications. It protects and regenerates skin by stimulating the growth of new cells and the neutralization of the callous epidermis. Aloe has anti-inflammatory properties, cleans the skin from toxins and protects it from the harmful influence of the environment. It maintains the right pH of the skin having a salutary influence on it.

Aloe leaf with drop on natural background aloes


Termed interchangeably Lyocell is cellulose fibre produced on the basis of environmentally friendly technology. Softness, fluffiness and gentleness puts it in one of the leading spots in the manufacture of luxurious and healthy textiles. By permeating air, it guarantees the proper breathing of a fabric or a knitted material. Tencel is also applied in the prevention and treatment of people susceptible to allergies. Due to its gentleness and softness, it is particularly commended for infants and small.

tencel 3tencel 2