1. FABRYKA MATERACÓW HEVEA s.c., hereinafter referred to as the Guarantor, ensures the Buyer that the proper quality and functioning of its products as intended shall be preserved under the observed Rules of Use and Maintenance, on the basis of which the Guarantor grants a guarantee for a period of two years of the day of purchase specified on the receipt or the invoice.
2. The Guarantor grants a separate guarantee for the latex core in the following mattress models: Hevea Junior, Junior lux Disney, Family, Comfort, Comfort Royal, Comfort Space, Comfort AirAir, Comfort Amore for a period of 10 years; for the latex core in the mattress models Comfort Prestige, BodyComfort for a period of 15 years; for the latex core in the mattress models Baby, Chris and Celebrities for a period of 5 years; for the Cosmo foam core, Fitness Latex foam-latex core and Thermomagic core for a period of 5 years. The guarantee period starts with the day of purchase specified on the receipt or the invoice.
3. The guarantee claim has to be filed in writing on a Complaint Form at the place of purchase or sent by mail at the Guarantor’s address.
4. The rights resulting from the granted guarantee may be executed by the Buyer after presenting the original proof of purchase or a duplicate proof issued at the place of purchase.
5. A properly filed complaint shall be reviewed by the Guarantor and his decision on accepting or dismissing the complaint shall be delivered to the Buyer in writing within 14 days of delivery of the complaint to the Guarantor.
6. The Buyer shall report a defect immediately and not later than 60 days of the day the defect occurred or was noticed.
7. Hidden defects of the product revealed during the guarantee period shall be repaired free of charge, immediately after receiving the product from the Buyer. The Guarantor reserves the right to extend the time of repair in case essential materials must be imported.
8. The manner of delivering the defected product to the Guarantor shall be settled by the parties individually after the Complaint Form is filled in. Should the complaint be dismissed, the Buyer shall cover any delivery costs resulting from the transport of the product to and from the Guarantor as specified on the current pricing list.
9. The Guarantor shall not provide the Buyer with a replacement product for the time of repair.
10. The Buyer has the right to replace the defective product with a non-defective product provided that during the guarantee period two (2) repairs were done and the product still shows defects that prevent its intended use, or the Guarantor determines upon visual examination that repairing the defect is impossible.
11. Should the complaint be accepted and the defective product be replaced with a product free of defects, the Buyer returns the complete product. Otherwise the Guarantor shall charge the amount equivalent to the missing elements upon the Buyer.
12. The Guarantee covers hidden defects that decrease the value of the product or its utility in line with intended use and functional characteristics.
13. The Guarantee does not cover defects that may occur after the product delivery and installation performed by the Buyer and in particular defects caused by improper use (incompatible with the Rules of Use and Maintenance and the label) and resulting from unexpected events beyond the Guarantor’s control or unauthorised modifications and adjustments made to the product by the Buyer.
14. The Guarantor shall not be liable for any detriment to the health of the user that results from improper use of the product.
15. The Guarantee shall not cover the following defects: 2014
a/ discoloration of polyurethane and latex foams caused by natural processes of use and does not alter performance of the product,
b/ specific odour of foams used as a core in mattresses and pillows resulting from the technological process and disappearing with use,
c/deformation of the mattress up to 10% of the foam/latex core thickness resulting from normal use is not a defect,
d/stains and pilling on the mattress surface resulting from use,
e/damage to the product resulting from pressing the product with heavy objects,
f/ damage to the mattress core or the protector resulting from using improper frame (not in accordance with the Manufacturer’s recommendations).
16. The Guarantor reserves the right to combine elements of mattress cores in selected models, which does not affect the quality of the product in any negative way.
18. The Guarantor reserves the right to deliver mattresses with positive/negative size tolerance up to 0.39 in (1 cm). In case of latex mattresses larger than 63/27.5 in (160/70cm), the tolerance is 0.8 in (2 cm).
17. These General Guarantee Conditions do not restrict or suspend the Buyer’s rights resulting from the nonconformity of the product with the Contract in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the special conditions of consumer sale.
The Guarantor’s postal address: