How to choose a Mattress

How to select the right firmness of a latex mattress?


The mattress firmness is usually described as either H2 (for users up to 176lbs, that is 80kg)or H3 (for 176lbs, 80kg, and more). H3 mattresses may be used by people with weight under 176lbs (80kg), however, for such individuals sleeping on firmer mattresses is medically recommended.We also make on customary orders latex mattresses with additional coconut fibre layers. This natural material made of the coconut shell have emerged lately, providing mattresses with exceptional firmness. Due to this quality, mattresses enriched with coconut fibres are recommended for users above 264lbs (120kg).Comfort zone – what is it?

Some latex mattresses have firmness zones 1, 3, 5 and 7. Such zones, varying in contour-cuts or the perforation diameter size and intensity over the entire width of the latex core enable firmness differentiation in specific parts of the mattress – for instance, harder in the hips zone and softer in the legs and head zones. Most of latex mattress covers are removable and washable, which is a great advantage considering the extremely long lifespan of latex mattresses. Therefore, it is worth to refresh the cover in a washing machine from time to time.


What a latex mattress can give you?


When choosing the mattress for your bedroom or for your child you should take into consideration several basic facts about mattresses: A deep body relief

A latex mattress was created to give your body a relief and create a place to sleep, that would satisfy physiological needs of your organism:

  • it supports your back in the optimal way with regard to the natural S-shape of the spine and keeps it in the anatomically recommended position,
  • does not compress vertebrae in any part of your spine,
  • adapts to the pressure made by every part of your body, giving you an unmatched comfort,
  • relaxes and eases your back muscles making you wake up in the morning relaxed and eased,
  • disperses points of excessive pressure, limiting the number of arousals from nocturnal sleep caused by the necessity of changing the position in the sleep: over the night you will less toss in your bed

facilitates blood circulation in the body, quickening night regeneration processes of the organism and of cells, as well as prevents numbness of arms and legs.

The same optimal structure in each of our products

You may press the mattress in any point – the latex structure is optimal throughout the mattress. The patented homogeneous production method results in creation of homogeneous latex of unvaried properties.

Such homogeneous prevent situations, where in the sleep you move from side to side and eventually find yourself in a part of mattress of different, less optimal structure than the one you have just lain on.

This is a major step forward comparing to the technology of making latex cores in moulds, where raw materials concentrate at the ends of the mould and – consequently – a mattress with parts of varying support is created.  It is just the same as with a cake made in a baking tin – on the surface the consistence is different to the one in the centre of the cake.

Always only one piece of latex

All mattress standard sizes, both single and double,comprise only one single latex block.


The above results from the fact, that in the areas where pieces of latex are glued together, either crosswise or lengthwise, properties of latex change and the structure becomes highly sensitive and vulnerable to degradation.

A single core latex mattress protects you from all problems that emerge when glued pieces fail to withstand the stress and fall apart.

You get an optimal homogeneous structure of latex along the full width of a moisture- and vapour-permeable mattress

It breathes – latex comprises millions of open-ended cells, through which air can easily flow inside the  mattress and moisture can evaporate outside.

These natural qualities of latex are all preserved owing to a patented method of homogeneous latex core production, which preservesopen-ended cells also on the edges of a mattress core.

For, as you may see, mattress cores produced by moulding consist of closed-ended cells, which in turn confoundsair circulation within the mattress and leads to the further degradation of its core (you know well what a baked cake looks like inside when taken out of the baking tin – the entire cake surface is dark and has a different structure than the one inside of it). Mattress cores produced in homogeneous way are deprived of this flaw and have a natural separate ventilation system. They do not accumulate moisture when used – they are perfectly hygienic.

A lethal barrier against mites and bacteria

Latex mattresses available in our offer are naturally hygienic and hypoallergenic.

Top quality latex is also a barrier against house dust mites. No need to be worried that your mattress will become an incubator for allergens.

The latex mattress remains then biologically “clean”throughout its life.

It might be the only mattress you will buy for yourself in this decade!

The strong cellular structure of latex gives it an excellent resistance to permanent deformations, which is the key to the extended lifespan of latex mattresses.

That is why you may use a latex  mattress even for 10 years without noticing any negative change inits beneficial values.