Preservation and maintenance

How to care for your latex mattress – basic rules:

1. A latex mattress can be folded, rolled up, flipped for the time of transport (e.g., delivering, moving, renovating, cleaning up) – it should not be, however, stored in such a position for a long time.

2. Each time the mattress was folded or rolled up, unfold it and smooth by hand, slide the protector onto the mattress and lay it on the bed frame to pull the corners of the protector on and then let the mattress relax for at least several hours.

3. The latex mattress should be used when placed on a flat slatted bed base or flexible frame with slats at maximum intervals of 1.2-1.6 in (3-4 cm). The latex mattress should not be used directly on the floor or other hard uniform surface.

4.Two-sided mattresses (Baby, Junior, Family, Comfort, Unisex, Prestige, AirAir)
should be flipped on the other side (top/bottom, left/right). It is best to flip the mattress at least once every 6 months.

5. The protectors are made of HEVEA, MEDICA, ZOO, GRAFFITI, TENCEL, SPA&WELLNESS, AloeVera fabrics and can be machine washed or hand-washed at up to 60C with no stirring and automatic drying. It is recommended to have the protectors dry cleaned.