Cover aloe vera 140x200cm

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Product Description

Comfort Aloe Vera Mattress Protector 55.1/78.7 in (140/200 cm)

About the product

  • fits all mattresses in the thickness range: 5.5-5.9 in (14-15 cm)
  • fits, among others, Hevea ComfortandHeveaActiviaPlus mattresses
  • Double-layered, densely quilted (available quilting patterns)
  • zipper on three sides makes changing the protector a lot easier
  • Aloe Veraprotector fabric based on natural viscose (ab. 40%) with addition of aloe vera fibres for anti-inflammatory properties
  • All the materials usedhave EKO-TEX certificate
  • the fabric has been approved by the producer as SAFE FOR CHILDREN
  • product of Poland



The protector fits Comfort mattresses. Aloe Vera fabric. Size55.1/78.7 in (140/200 cm).