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About the product
Approximately 60cmx75cm
The core is made of hypoallergenic latex-foam pellet produced from natural resin of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis).
The product has been certified with the Hygienic Approval of the National Institute of Hygiene, Eko-Tex and Euro-Latex certificate.
Polyester inner cover, fixed to the bed. Bottom-weight fleece-type (short hair) outer cover. Zippered cover – the zipper makes it easier to remove the cover. The cover can be washed at up to 40C or dry cleaned. The fabric has Eko-Tex STANDARD 100 certificate. The dog bed weights ab. 2-7 kgs, that is, 4.5-15.5 lbs (depending on the size). The core is based on natural latex to ensure a mite-free and mould-free environment. The delicate scent of latex repels flees and the entire product is hypoallergenic both to pets and humans. The dog bed is very springy, soft in touch and serves well as a decorative element of any home of all true animal-lovers.

THE PRODUCT IS INTENDED FOR pets (dogs, cats). The mini-size product is intended for animals of up to 15 kg (33 lb) weight.

THE PRODUCT IS COVERED WITH A 2-YEAR GUARANTEE (refers to concealed defects, such as: damage of the core, outer case, zipper)