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Product Description

It is a two-sided breathable latex mattress with anti-allergic properties intended for use by children from the first moments of life. The unique system of vertical ventilation channels used provides a child with an ideal support for the spine, fostering proper development. The mattress inset is a block of uniform perforated latex foam, which provides a small child with an environment free from moulds and mites. The spot resilience of latex gives the mattress orthopaedic properties, which in combination with its resistance to allergens gives an exceptional and wholesome product for children.

Description of the product

  • The inset is a block of latex foam with a National Institute of Hygiene approval. It is resistant to the action of fluids and moisture. The latex foam has a EURO-LATEX certificate.
  • It has unique vertical ventilation channels counteracting  a child’s perspiration.
  • It is an ideal support for the spine ensuring the proper physical development of a child.
  • The mattress weighs 5-6kg, depending on it’s size. Height of approx 9cm (with the cover).
  • It is an anti-allergic, anti-fungal environment free from moulds and mites.
  • The knitwear of the HEVEA cover is based on natural cotton , breathable. It has a “SAFE FOR A CHILD” manufacturer’s approval.
  • It is a 2-layer cover, removable with the zip.
  • It is an anti-allergic mattress.
  • All the materials used have an EKO-TEX approval.
  • It is a Polish product.