Latex and Coir Baby Mattress CHRIS aloe vera-70x130cm

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4’3.1”x 2’3.6”






Perforated latex approved by the National Institute of Hygiene made of high quality cotton protects the child’s skin from contact with the foam, and the mattress from defects and dirt. The outer cover is made only of Polish cotton fabrics with EKO-TEX and “Safe for Children” labels. The first class quality and the durability of the product is unparalleled to any other mattress core available on the market.

Point elasticity of latex combined with its high elasticity perfectly supports the child’s delicate spine. HEVEA CHRIS line offers mattresses strengthened with a latex mat throughout its length, which gained positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child as a developmental mattress ideal for children even from the first moment after birth.

The high quality of products strengthened with a coconut mat offered in the HEVEA CHRIS line was approved by paediatricians, orthopaedists, physiologists, physical therapists and other specialists from the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw.

* homogeneous perforated latex block

Latex foam core approved by the National Institute of Hygiene

Unique vertical ventilation airways preventing the child from sweating.

Ideal support for the spine assuring the child’s perfect physical development

Mattress weight: ab. 15.4lbs (7kg). Thickness: ab. 3.9’’ (10cm).

Ensures environment free from mould and mites.

2-layer zipped cover, removable for washing.

Aloe VERA cover fabric in show-white colour.

The mattress is thoroughly hypoallergenic.

All used materials carry the EKO-TEX label.
Cover fabric with “Safe for Children” certification

The only latex foam approved by the National Institute of Hygiene available on the Polish market

The highest content of Hevea natural latex milk!
It perfectly cooperates with ANGELCARE baby breathing monitors (all models)




HEVEA MATTRESSES suggests a novelty product for the youngest users – the Hevea

Baby Medica fabric. It is a modern knitted material designed by the most gifted visual artists and technologists from the ZTK Teofilów S.A plant. The fabric contributes to skin wellness owing to its special properties. The delicate silky structure of Baby Medica is highly recommended for the youngest even from first moments after birth, as the ability of the fabric to bind moisture and neutralise free radicals, that is active oxygen atoms, makes it ultra-safe. The exceptionally high content of cotton assures high water vapour permeability and perfect operating conditions. The modern design is another advantage of this material in the world of textiles for children. Due to the employment of scientific solutions in domestic medicine, Hevea Baby Medica is addressed to and recommended for even the most demanding customers.

Latex foam is an exceptionally flexible material, which reacts to the shape of the human body by moulding to it, thus serving as an ergonomic support. Mattresses made of this modern material contribute to easing muscle tension within the entire body, assuring orthopaedic support for the spine, correcting blood circulation and thus ensuring a good night’s sleep. Anatomic latex foam pillows secure correct position of cervical vertebrae so that the neck and the head may fully relax during the night.

Among all the materials known for their use in mattress production the latex foam has the greatest elasticity – it regains its initial shape even after numerous and long-lasting deformations. This function guarantees an exceptionally long lifespan of latex mattresses and pillows – even up to 10 years without any defects.

Latex is a natural and environmental-friendly material. It is not allergenic, since it does not consist of proteins that are usually responsible for causing allergic reactions. Moreover, the hypoallergenic and health-promoting substances used for inner and outer covers ensure a great night’s sleep and an exceptional comfort for all household members from the day of birth to late adulthood.

COCONUT MAT is a natural raw material employed in production of health-promoting mattresses. It is made of coconut fibres vulcanized with natural latex. Its presence in mattresses ensures better airflow and greater shock elasticity. The coconut fibre is a perfect material for filling the mattress core, since coconut does not emit any toxic substances or any others that could adversely influence the child’s skin and airways. It has a good air permeability. A mattress with coconut mat and latex core “breathes”, as both of these materials are flexible and well aerated, and moreover, exceptionally durable and elastic, providing the user with even greater comfort in the sleep. They additionally neutralise the negative effect of electromagnetic fields.

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