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Product Description

Hevea Family

Latex Mattress


HEVEA FAMILY zipped cover made of thick hypoallergenic fabric quilted on both sides
Single 4.7’’ (12cm) thick medium-hard latex block

The mattress includes two covers:
the inner cover – a protector made of cotton fabric, 
the outer cover – removable and washable cover made of quilted fabric made in Poland with high content of cotton. The cover carries “Safe for Infants” and “Safe for Children” labels

The cover features a zipper for easier removing the protector off the mattress. Washable (both hand and machine washing).

HEVEA FAMILY is a 2-side latex mattress designed for both school-age children and adults. The unique system of vertical ventilation airways makes the mattress well aerated in summer and warm in winter. The use of latex provides the growing child with an ideal support for the spine, which contributes to its proper development. The mattress has hypoallergenic qualities, since latex creates an environment free from mould and mites. The latex core is made of a 4.7” (12cm) thick single latex block, perforated for better air circulation. 
A mattress made of a single piece of latex without fastening or gluing ensures a proper body position and the right distribution of pressure points over the entire width of the mattress.

The exceptional flexibility of latex situates the spine in the best position in the sleep, forming a line highly close to a straight joining the neck and the pelvis. Ventilation airways provide the mattress with a continuous air circulation, which gives it an exceptional aeration in summer and warmth in winter, and the temperature of the mattress remains close to the one in your bedroom. Latex mattresses are quiet, comfortable, healthy, durable, completely hypoallergenic and aseptic as natural proteins are isolated in the production phase. The zipped mattress cover may be washed at 40°C.
The unique and clever design of the outer cover makes it very easy to take off and to put back on the mattress. 


WEIGHT: ab. 66.4lbs (30kg)
THICKNESS: 5.1’’ (13cm) 
LATEX CORE: 4.7’’ (12cm)


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Product of Poland

The highest available content of natural latex