Latex Mattress Topper Surface 120/200cm

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Product Description


Core: 100 % 1.2’’ (3cm) thick homogeneous latex for ideal aeration. Orthopaedic zones included.

Advantages: placed on the top of an ordinary mattress, Topper gives it rehabilitation qualities and the property of perfect support for the entire body.

Weight:  ab. 9kg

Thickness (including the cover): 1.6” (4cm)

 Ensures environment free from mould and mites

 3-layer quilted cover washable at up to 60°C

 HEVEA cotton fabric with exceptionally high content of cotton (Polish producer)

 Entirely hypoallergenic 


All materials used in our products carry the OKO-TEX certification


Hygienic approval issued by the National Institute of Hygiene

OKO-TEX certificate

FIRA flame retardant certificate

HEVEA knitted fabric carries the “Human Friendly”, “Safe for Children” and “Safe for Infants” certificates.

Topper features elastics at 2 opposite ends for easier fitting the top pad to the mattress.

The top mattress pad secures excellent hygienic protection and shields the base of the mattress from mechanical defects. Orthopaedic qualities of latex (7 firmness zones) help the body to take the correct position and enable comfortable rest also on too hard, defected or improperly chosen mattresses. Its small size and rolling up option allows you to take it anywhere you intend to spend the night.

Latex foam is an exceptionally flexible material, which responds to the human body by underlining its shape and thus assuring ergonomic support. Mattresses are made of modern material and contribute to easing muscle tension throughout the body. They provide the spine with an orthopaedic support  and have beneficial effect on blood circulation, giving you comfort and a great night’s sleep. Anatomic pillows made of latex foam ensure the correct position of cervical vertebrae, so that the head and the neck may relax in the sleep.

Among all known materials used in mattress production latex foam has the highest elasticity, as it regains its initial shape even after numerous long-lasting deformations. This function guarantees exceptionally long lifespan of the mattresses and pillows – even up to 10 years without any defects.


Latex is an environment friendly natural raw material. It does not cause allergies, as it does not contain proteins often responsible for provoking allergic reactions.  Moreover, hypoallergenic and health promoting cover fabrics make the comfort and the excellent quality of sleep available to all household members from the moment of birth to late adulthood.