Latex Mattress Unisex H2/H3 Tencel 140x200cm

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Product Description




A unique combination of          2 latex blocks of different firmness         (H2 and H3) recommended for couples with considerable weight disproportion.
UNISEX LATEX MATTRESS for Him and for Her. The mattress is made of two latex halves designed for adults differing in weight: H2 for a user up to 198lbs (90kg) and H3 for a user above 198lbs (90kg). The mattress gives you with the best night’s sleep and incredible pleasure of relaxation. It is well aerated in summer and warm in winter.


* aerodynamic core based on 5.5” (14cm) thick natural latex
* 7 firmness zones
* excellent ventilation airways
* mattress thickness of ab. 6.3” (16cm)
*removable TENCEL cover
*H2 and H3 firmness – medium hard (for users up to 198lbs, 90kg) /hard (for users above 198lbs, 90kg)
* double speed air circulation within the mattress
* ideal support for the spine

Latex foam is an exceptionally flexible material, which responds to the human body by underlining its shape and thus assuring ergonomic support. Mattresses are made of modern material and contribute to easing muscle tension throughout the body. They provide the spine with an orthopaedic support and have beneficial effect on blood circulation, giving you comfort and a great night’s sleep.

Among all known materials used in mattress production latex foam has the highest elasticity, as it regains its initial shape even after numerous long-lasting deformations.

Latex is an environment friendly natural raw material. It does not cause allergies, as it does not contain proteins often responsible for provoking allergic reactions. Moreover, hypoallergenic and health promoting cover fabrics make the comfort and the excellent quality of sleep available to all household members from the moment of birth to late adulthood.

The mattress core comprises a single 5.5” (14cm) thick latex foam block .
10-year guarantee for the latex core – permanent deformations disabling further use of the mattress