MATTRESS Body Comfort Visco latex 80x200cm

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Product Description

  • The inset is a block of 14cm latex foam with 7 zones and 4cm visco-elastic memory foam. The latex and visco-elastic insets are resistant to the action of fluids and moisture.
  • Vertical ventilation channels in both layers ensure proper air circulation inside the mattress. Air replacement in the latex inset and the memory one occurs at the same time.
  • Visco-elastic foam adapts to the shape of a lying person under the influence of the stress and warmth of the body.
  • It is an ideal support for the spine.
  • The mattress weighs 21-50 kg, depanding on the size from the mattress, has a height of approx 20cm (with the cover)
  • It is an anti-allergic, anti-fungal environment free from moulds and mites.
  • It is a two-sided mattress.
  • The knitwear of the cover Aloe Vera is based on natural cotton (35%). It contains an aloe extract with properties soothing skin irritations and fire-retardant ones, it helps to keep pH 5.5 of our skin. The knitwear of the cover has a “SAFE FOR A CHILD” manufacturer’s approval.
  • It is a 2-layer cover, removable for washing.
  • It is an anti-allergic mattress.
  • All the materials used have an EKO-TEX approval.
  • Firmness is universal, for people weighing up to about 100kg.
  • The mattress is recommended for resilient frames and adjustable ones.