Medica Cuddly Wedge Pillow 60x36cm

Product Description

About the product

  • Size 23.6/14.2/3.1-0.8 in (60/36/8-2 cm)
  • Available in ecru
  • PUR foam core, highly flexible, low density – perfectly conforms to the shape of the fragile child’s head
  • soft case
  • high air permeability
  • the filigree printon the case refers to the MEDICA mattress & textile collection
  • top-quality product approved by the Institute of Knitting Technologies in Łódź as SAFE FOR INFANTS and SAFE FOR CHILDREN
    ·zippered case, removable and washable at up to 60°C
  • The use ofwedge pillows in baby cotshelps prevent infant reflux (spitting up) andfacilitates proper positioning of the child in the sleep. It is recommended for children with upper respiratory tract issues. The wedge pillowis ideal during illness, as theangle of the child’s head makes breathing much easier.


Hypoallergenic wedge pillow for infants. Medica print.