All the knitted materials are anti-allergic and have a fire-retardation approval !

– in the colour of classical white. The knitwear is subjected in the manufacturing process to a special softening process to obtain the effect of fluffiness, softness and gentleness. It has the highest content of organic cotton, 40%. Organic cotton feels more pleasant and safer for skin, thereby it is commended to infants. It does not cause allergy or irritations. It also fulfils an important bacteriostatic function, being responsible for halting the excessive pace of bacterial growth and maintaining their natural level on the skin surface, that is pH. By passing through the air it permits maintaining stable temperature at the level proper to human body warmth, perfectly evaporating moisture.

hevea-2 hevea3 materac-w-pokrowcu-hevea

Tencel – composed of 40% tencel, 60% PE. Interchangeably named Lyocell, it is a cellulose fibre, made on the basis of environmentally-friendly technology. Softness, fluffiness and gentleness put it in one of the leading spots in the manufacture of luxurious and wholesome textiles. Tencel knitwear has high aesthetic upsides and is resistance to crushing. It is marked by high air permeability and resistance to stretching in dry and wet condition. Tencel is also applied in the prophylaxis and treatment of people prone to allergies. It is recommended by dermatologists, allergologists and paediatricians to infants and small children.

tenc2-1 dzianina-tencel tencel3

Aloe Vera – composed of 30% cotton, 70% PE. This knitted material has an addition of Aloe extract in the form of appret (a way of softening a fabric), which contains 160 active plant compounds. Aloe has anti-inflammatory properties, cleanses the skin from toxins and protects it from the harmful influence of the environment. It maintains the right pH, having a salutary influence on it. Knitwear with aloe has protective qualities from the development of bacteria, domestic dust mites and other allergens. It protects and regenerates skin by stimulating the growth of new cells and neutralizing the callous epidermis.

dzianina-aloe-vera aloe-vera-baby pokrowiec-aloe-vera-materac-comfort-1

Orient Pacyfik – a knitted material manufactured on the basis of modal. Modal is a cellulose fibre which is marked by high resistance to damage and velvety shine. Knitwear with modal amazingly absorbs moisture, as much as 50% more than cotton. It is very friendly for the skin, it keeps it dry and enables it to breathe. Even after being washed repeatedly it preserves its softness and resilience.

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Spa & Wellness – composed of 40% viscose, 60% PE, it is delicate and soft knitwear based on Tencel fibres, whose composition includes natural proteins of silk which tones and moisturizes skin. It is distinguished by silky shine. It has a capacity for active moisture management. It is perfect for people with sensitive skin.

comfort-spa-wellness-2 new-dzianina-spa-wellness pokrowiec-spa-hevea2

Lavender – the knitted material of a cover based on natural cotton (35%) with aromatic appret when rubbed, releases a sensual delicate lavender aroma. Inhaling a lavender aroma has marvellous properties relaxing body and mind. A lavender scent relaxes and unwinds. Thanks to tranquilizing action, lavender aromas are commended in the treatment of neuroses and it also soothingly influences our minds, fighting pains and nausea. It is real alleviation for the senses.


Family – knitted material made from a large amount of organic cotton and a modern PE fibre. It fulfils important bacteriostatic functions, being responsible for slackening the rate of bacterial growth and maintains their natural level on the skin surface, that is pH. It does not cause allergies or irritations. It was created for the whole family, infants, children and adults. It can be repeatedly washed without losing the properties and the original shape.


Medica – a cover in a creamy colour with delicate embroidered overprints. High cotton content (approx 40%) ensures a perfect air flow and vapour-permeability. The delicate structure of the Medica knitted material has the capacity to neutralize free radicals and bind moisture. Designed especially in terms of the function to support the care of a child’s delicate skin. It is commended from the first moments of life. It is very resistant to stretching in wet and dry condition.

dzianina-medica-2 medica-b medica-b2

ZOO – a knitted material in a creamy colour with delicate embroidered overprints. It has a high content of natural cotton, 43%, thereby ensuring a perfect air flow, absorbs moisture and adjusts the temperature of a child’s body. Thanks to special antiseptic fibres it is an anti-bacterial fabric, prevents the excessive rate of bacterial growth and helps maintain the right pH of skin.


Disney – Winnie The Pooh – knitted material made from 100% cotton of the frotte type. It is very friendly for skin, entirely passing through the air it permits maintaining stable temperature at the level proper to human body warmth, it perfectly evaporates moisture. It was created especially as intended for children.

3 3-1-10 winnie

Disney Cars – knitted material made from 100% cotton. It perfectly permeates air and evaporates moisture. It is friendly for a child’s skin.

3 (1) cars cars3

Graffiti – a unique cover designed for HEVEA with a designer appearance in the form of writing of the mural type against the white background. The knitted material of the cover is based on breathable polyester fibres and viscose. It is very friendly for skin, because it keeps it dry and enables it to breathe. Even after being washed repeatedly it preserves its hygienic and visual properties.

graffiti2 graffiti3 graffitti